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Hello and Welcome to West London Escorts

This is the home of West London escorts, an outcall escort service that specifically serves the West of the city and surrounding areas. We want you to be relaxed and contented when you book a girl from us and so our focus is always on the customer experience from initial contact via the web site or telephone, navigating the web site, booking a date or indeed enjoying a sensual massage from a stunning escort. We do not think you will find a better value for money escort service in the capital with fees from a little over a hundred pounds and we certainly do not believe that you will find better girls anywhere else!

West London escorts are super special, super friendly and super sexy. With a West London escort you will find yourself fully at ease from your first contact through to the end of your date. The girls receive countless messages of appreciation for their friendly attitudes and expert sensual massages. Your date can visit you either at your residence or even at your hotel in West London and your gorgeous and exciting girl can be at the agreed meeting place within an hour – in fact most of our appointments arrive within thirty minutes!

One of the things that helps us stand out from the crowd is our commitment to one hundred per cent integrity and honesty in our approach – you may have looked at photographs of escorts on other sites and thought to yourself 'too good to be true' but with West London escorts we guarantee that the girl you book from us will be the girl who you see later on your date! Photographs are genuine portrayals as well with no touching up, again not something many of our competitors can say.

Call us to enjoy the very best of times with a West London escort.

The Escorts

Close your eyes and imagine your dream girl. No seriously, do it... What can you see? A Scandinavian blonde? An English rose or girl next door type? How about an Eastern European model, an exotic and adventurous sex bomb looking for fun? Do you prefer tall and leggy girls or girls with a bit of the J-Lo about them? Slim and petite sound like your perfect woman or do you like a girl with curves in all of the right places? Well, whatever your taste in women we believe we have the girl for you and it goes beyond mere looks. Though physical attractiveness is important – and the darlings at West London Escorts are certainly sex on a stick gorgeous – we also know that you need to get on with a date for the sparks to truly fly and that is why we know our girls' personalities as well as their more obvious attributes. Some guys prefer a quiet, introverted, submissive girl. Others a more feisty escort up for a real thrill ride of a date. Whichever type of girl rocks your world West London escorts can help and we guarantee that each and every girl is more than skilled when it comes to a sensual massage...

Great Service - Our Promise to You

We want you to feel relaxed when you book a visiting escort from West London escorts. We appreciate that it is quite a leap for someone the first time they use an escort service and no doubt there will be many old wives' tales about the perils of meeting an escort that you have booked online such as the photographs are fake, the girl doesn't exist and her pictures have been lifted from a dodgy site in Eastern Europe, the cost will be double what you think and so on...

Our approach at West London escorts is to be upfront and honest and to that end we assure our clients that the pictorial representations of the escorts on this site are genuine and have not been digitally altered. The girl you book is the girl who will greet you at the door of your hotel room. The price you agree with your chosen escort will be the price you pay. Your date will be punctual. And the most important thing – your sensational girl will do her utmost to ensure that your girlfriend experience is second to none. After your date if you choose to submit a review of your sexy experience then there is a link on each girl's profile page – again, we stress that the reviews you read on site are real.

In short we believe we are redefining the visiting escort experience for the twenty first century with an emphasis on customer experience, honesty and of course, the most nubile and alluring girls on the planet...

If you have any questions for us just drop us a line and we will get back to you asap.

Costs less than you think

Visiting escorts use an agency to help them hook up with a date and to manage all of the administration, travel and other arrangements to make their lives easier. One thing that an agency does not do is set the fees for the escort service. The amount you pay for your date is agreed on your initial chat with your delightful damsel. In West London you can usually arrange a date for as little as one hundred and twenty five pounds for a full hour. Be heartened to know that once a fee is agreed there are no added extras or hidden surprises later. Your date can be one hour with one girl or a longer period or even an overnight. You may want to spend time with a selection of escorts, either simultaneously or consecutively and we do have escorts who are happy to visit couples. Dates that last longer than an hour are often discounted so why not enjoy a leisurely time with your stunning girl? So to make sure that we are providing the services you require please state your needs on booking and we will do the rest.

The City

Whilst we understand that our success as a business relies on us getting the basics right, that is making booking simple, a date arriving in a punctual manner and of course your chosen beauty being everything that you hoped she would be. But the team at West London Escorts want to go the extra mile and make your experience with us better than you could imagine. To this end we have packed our site with loads of additional stuff such as information about the various parts of West London, tourist information and local gen on the best pubs and clubs and a variety of naughty erotic stories to get the heart racing that bit faster! We do understand however that the vibe in a pub or club and the chef in a restaurant can change and irrevocably alter the ambience or experience so we can't guarantee that the town information is always up to the minute. Also, if you have any local knowledge and you think we have missed something or somewhere special in our descriptions giveus a shout and we will look to add your recommendations!


Who doesn't want to feel appreciated and who doesn't like sharing a good experience with others? West London Escorts give our valued clients the opportunity to comment on a dating experience via the web site. These reviews can help undecided clients when it comes to making the right choice of girl or girls. The reviews are real and submitted by actual customers so you read them with confidence.

Have you recently enjoyed a fun time with a sexy escort from West London escorts? Why not leave a review today...

Pleasures of the Flesh

On our home page there is a section of our website featuring sexy stories and entitled 'Pleasures of the Flesh'. These fun and sexy fantasies dreamt up by a variety of folk here at West London Escorts for your delight and delectation. They are not meant to be serious works of fiction but are intended to offer a little light relief as you browse the site or perhaps as you wait for a beautiful West London escort to arrive for your dream date. Let us know what you think and if you fancy having a go yourself send your stories in! We can't guarantee to publish as not every story is suitable and we certainly do not pay!

We hope you continue to enjoy the 'Pleasures of the Flesh' short stories as much as we enjoy writing them.



Pleasures of the Flesh

All the latest news and sexy stories from West London Escorts

  • Life is sweet

  • 9th November 2014

  • Up until recently I was in a long term relationship. By the end it wasn’t the happiest of situations as we just constantly bickered. To be honest it hadn’t been all that good for some time. It’s funny how people stick together even when it’s no fun anymore! But, thankfully, I plucked up the courage to raise the idea of a temporary, trial separation and the ruse worked as temporary quickly became permanent as she moved on to another man and I enjoyed a series of casual flings with girls I had lusted after in the local for some time...

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  • Myriad charms...

  • 19th October 2014

  • Some people do not like to settle for less and these people are more than prepared to take like by the scruff of its neck in an effort to shape their own destiny. Then there are others who go with the flow, enjoying what life brings, enjoying the ride so to speak and living in the moment. Then there is a third category of person, someone who is buffeted by the storms of being and who finds himself at the mercy of fate. And what a capricious mistress fate can be! I tend to think of the clients of West London...

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  • Pure hedonistic delight

  • 28th September 2014

  • West London is synonymous with style, cool and glamour. Going down the ‘West End’ means that you are doing something special and anyone who has visited the entertainment heart of London is well aware of the buzzing atmosphere on the busy streets, especially at weekends. But it’s not just theatre that thrives in this hedonistic heartland of our beloved metropolis. There is also a heady mix of pubs, clubs and eateries. But you will need to be well heeled to get the most out of any leisure visit or night out as nothing comes cheap in this part of the...

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